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Play matchmaker for your single friends

About Wink

Wink let’s you play matchmaker for your single friends, a brand new tool for singles where your friends matchmake you with their other single friends.

You swipe for your friends, so regardless if you are single or in a relationship everybody get’s to use Wink. As a friend you have thousands of possible matches among your friends. Wink lets you help find them.

If you are single then all you need to do is to download Wink and connect to Facebook, the rest of the work lays in the hands of your friends.

Meeting other singles has never been easier. You have mutual friends with thousands of other singles out there – Wink is how you meet them.

The story of Wink

The The project began in the spring of 2016 because students from Lund, Gothenburg and Linköping in Sweden were equally frustrated over the incomplete and impersonal dating applications. Best image wins the game and you swipe but you never meet. At the same time an idea grew of making a dating application based on the most natural way we meet new people in real life; via our mutual friends. The mutual friend has the knowledge, your trust and possesses thousands of possible matches among their single friends. From there Wink began.

With a lot of creativity and continuous input from friends, tools and features to aid all kinds of users were added. Wink was launched for both IOS and Android in July of 2017 and is growing for every hour. And for every minute of every hour we keep on improving the app. Our vision is to create better conditions for love to be spread and shared, till that point where Wink will not be needed anymore.

The Wink Team

Jakob Rockmyr

Jakob Rockmyr

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